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Product quality and service commitment to A: series of product quality and commitment

1 warranty commitment: T8 lamp guaranteed 5000 hours under normal circumstances (i.e., a year).

Energy saving lamp is guaranteed 6000 hours under normal circumstances (i.e., a year).

Each switch, socket series under normal use of insurance for 10 years.

Yuba, ventilator series under normal use of insurance for two years.

Inductor products under normal use of insurance for 10 years.

Electronic products under normal use of insurance for two years.

2 repair and replacement commitments:

(a) on returns commitments:

The types, specifications from the discrepancy or requirements, delivery without the use of products, produced by the transportation costs borne by the company.

The products in the warranty period, the quality problems under the condition of normal use, provided by the company free repair service, can not repair or repair is not up to the normal use of the product function, the costs incurred shall be borne by the company.

(two) on the repair product content:

In the repair period, due to product quality, problems caused by affecting the normal use, but can repair products, the company responsible for the repair, repair costs borne by the company.

Second, beyond the warranty period and damaged but still repair products, users put forward repair requirements, the company quality assurance department or technical inspection center agreed to after the repair, and fee according to the cost, all additional costs incurred and paid by the customer.

3 related instructions:

The company does not assume any improper use (except the company responsible), caused by improper installation and unauthorized disassembly, transformation of product damage, failure and other economic losses and products more than the warranty time, such as the dealer to request the company to provide repair services, will implement the paid service.

The company will not be accepted by the company's products and self configuring non sales of the company out of the appliance and the light source claims.

The system does not force (such as flood, earthquake, lightning) damage or negligence caused by man-made factors, not the burden of liability company, and the causes for any direct, indirect, following or renew any loss or damage, the company shall not be responsible for.

The local B. dealer service commitment:

1 whoever sold from our goods, comply with the people's Republic of China and the regulations of the product quality law provides three packs of services;

2 if quality problems, upon receiving the notice in writing, within 24 hours to send technical personnel arrived at the scene to deal with, guarantee to come up with a solution in 36 hours.

3 local dealers will provide free pre design consulting, quick and convenient installation guide, after sale service.

Add:No.23Dongtai Road,the second indusrial zone,Haicheng,Longwan,Wenzhou
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