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Electrical appliance industry low voltage switch will seek greater market development direction
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With the arrival of the era of intelligence, the low voltage switch electric appliances industry in China ushered in its own challenges. How to occupy a space for one person in the fierce competition in the market? How to promote the development of China's low voltage switch electric appliance industry has become the current industry universal attention topic.

Production in 2014 our country low voltage switch board quantity equilibrium is not a. The province of production quantity is the highest in Shandong Province, the output of March reached 2310000, year-on-year growth of 30.06%, while the yield of the province of Henan province is relatively small, the output of March only 40000, drop compared to the same period 97.2%, drop range is bigger. And the March year-on-year growth of Guangdong Province, the province is the highest, while the yield is not high, but the March Guangdong year-on-year growth has reached 57.86%.

Low voltage switch electric appliance industry has been rapid development in China, in recent years with the addition of WTO, market demand for appliances industry low voltage switch is also more and more. Intelligent, environmental protection, safety is the future development direction of low voltage switch board industry. In the future industrial development, low voltage switch board industry will continue to maintain the original advantage, while continuing to seek the development direction of the market more, pave the way for the later switch board industry development.

Add:No.23Dongtai Road,the second indusrial zone,Haicheng,Longwan,Wenzhou
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