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Switching power supply industry has been gradually entering blissful circumstances industry grows rapidly
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With the rapid development of power electronic technology, power electronic equipment and the relationship between people's work, life becomes more and more close, and the electronic equipment cannot do without the reliable power supply, 80 years into the computer power supply the full realization of the switching power supply, to complete the computer power generation, 90 years into the switching power supply have entered the field of various electronic, electrical appliances equipment, program-controlled switches, communication, power supply, electronic testing equipment control equipment power supply has been widely used in the switching power supply, but also promotes the rapid development of the technology of switching power supply.

Switching power supply is the use of modern electronic technology, the control switch turn-on and turn off time ratio, maintain a stable output voltage power supplies, switching power supply from the general pulse width modulation control IC and MOSFET form. With the development of power electronics technology and innovation, making switching power supply technology is also in constant innovation. At present, the switching power supply Nanjing pengtu power produced by features of small, light weight and high efficiency has been widely used in almost all electronic equipment, is a kind of power supply mode in today's electronic information industry is the rapid development indispensable.

According to the Chinese power supply society collected data, in 2008 the national switch mode power supply (mainly contains the consumer switching power supply, industrial switching power supply, communication power supply, PC power supply, the same below) output value reached 85500000000 yuan, in 2009 reached 93100000000 yuan, an increase of 8.8%; in 2010 reached 102700000000 yuan, a growth of 10.3%. Even after the global financial crisis under the impact of the entire industry output value in 2009, still amounted to 106100000000 yuan, to maintain the growth rate of more than 5%. In 2010 after the national a series of macroeconomic stimulus policies implemented and the global economy tends to be stable, China's electronic information industry quickly regained momentum of development, China power industry is borrowing strength, the size of the output value reached 117200000000 yuan, the growth rate of more than 10%.

Nanjing Peng figure that has small size, light weight, power density / high conversion efficiency, input module wide supply voltage range, has many advantages such as less heat consumption, the rapid development in recent years, the rapid development in electronic industry. Switching power supply products are divided into standard and non - standard products, generally speaking, standardized product orders larger volume, lower margin, competition is intense, and non standardized product order batch is lesser, but gross margin is higher, less competition. Standardized products are mainly used in consumer electronic products, PC power and other fields, and non customized product application and communication power supply, standard of new energy and industrial power and other fields.

Standard switching power supply enterprise according to customer orders to organize production, enterprises generally not have inventory. Make to order refers to the receipt of customer orders, modify the design, manufacturing and assembly based on existing product scheme, or re design of research and development, provide the final production of customized products to customers. Enterprises in the receipt of customer orders, according to the specific requirements of the order, designed to meet the special requirements of customers customized products, from the selection of suppliers, raw material requirements, design process, manufacturing process and the delivery of the finished product and so on are decided by customer orders. Switching power supply product type are many, the general enterprises unable to gain advantage in every segment of the market, in addition to the power adapter and charger of mobile phone of the standardization of products competition lower margin, each enterprise has its main market segments, and actively explore new field, can get better profit margins.

Unlike the mass customization, customization of switching power supply is more small batch customization, in order to better control costs, thereby rapidly to provide customers with customized products with low cost, high quality, put forward a higher request to enterprise R & D, production management and procurement capacity, so enterprises must have the agile product development and design ability and material purchasing ability, specifically for a product design of the traditional rigid production line will also be able to meet the replacement of flexible production line manufacturing diversified and personalized requirements.

Because the switching power supply industry to customize based, enterprise sales closely integrated with the order, so the sales behavior occurred in the number of products manufactured before. At the same time, research of the standard product promotion to the market and customers, and actively expand the electronic industry customers, show the company R & D design ability, the scale of production and quality management ability has become an important means of enterprise sales. Current, switching power supply industry to expand sales channels of the main ways to participate in trade fairs, recommend each other in professional print media and industry website promotion and customer, and access to quality customer resource is the most direct embodiment of strength of enterprises.

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