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High voltage switch industry into the deep water area of intelligent ""
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Secretary of the Party committee, visited Chinese electricity group company Xi'an Xidian electrical switch limited company is senior engineer Zhang Meng

"At present, the west to open the general idea as' intelligent electrical integration design, test, integration with integrated delivery as the means, to achieve the main equipment manufacturing enterprises, the total total integration debugging, in charge of the target'. A two device, improve the degree of integration, the development of a rational layout is compact, high reliability, high degree of modularization, integration of the switch intelligent equipment products." Recently, China electricity group company Xi'an Xidian electrical switch limited company (hereinafter referred to as the "Western Electric") secretary of the Party committee, senior engineer Zhang Meng said in an interview with reporters.

Reporter: how the current situation of the development of domestic high voltage switch industry? Share with the level of technology in the market, China's high-voltage switchgear with foreign products have what different?

Zhang Meng: with the city changes a process to accelerate, city electricity continue to ascend, energy and power transmission and distribution facilities still has great room for growth. "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the state will be the construction of three vertical and three horizontal and ring network of UHV transmission line; the state the main structure of the Northwest Power Grid and the power transmission from west to East is intensifying construction; city network, rural power grid upgrading deepening; distribution automation are the stable development of enterprise of high voltage switch provided an opportunity.

As the product technology and quality of domestic enterprises continuously improve, domestic high voltage switch products have covered HV, EHV, UHV power transmission equipment market, domestic equipment at an ever accelerating pace, the previous foreign enterprises in the Chinese electrical equipment market high returns age does not already exist. In recent years, the domestic product technology and foreign product technology gap are gradually narrowing, the domestic product market share has increased than before.

However, the domestic high voltage switch industry and since warlords, enterprise capacity and expanding production capacity, the market competition.

In the market share, 1100000 volt products by the Domestic Company the main contract, but the foreign companies have been fighting for independence contract; 800000 V products Domestic Company share of 70%~80%, in recent years, foreign companies have gradually entered this market, aggravated by the voltage level of the product competition. 550000 V products of foreign companies and joint venture companies market share of more than 50%, 252000 V, 126000 V foreign products company share is high in the developed area, this kind of product market competition has become comprehensive international competition. To some extent, product reliability study advanced management experience, foreign company's technology innovation and manufacturing capacity, etc., is still the domestic business model.

Reporter: in recent years, what's your company advanced high voltage switch products? How to develop in the high-voltage switch field?

Zhang Meng: 1~9 month, the Western Electric new orders than the same period last year increased 19.5%, the cumulative orders than the same period last year increased 0.14%. The centralized procurement bidding in Northwest power system, 750000 V second channel transmission project bidding, bidding in China Southern Power Grid combined electrical appliance have achieved good results in the China State Grid Corp 1000000 volt Anhui to East power transfer project. The signing of the Turkey Cara Bren 420000 volt GIS project, my company become the first to enter the Turkey market project.

In recent years, the Western Electric in EHV, UHV, miniaturization, intelligent products technology development process, has been at the forefront of the domestic industry. Part of the product technology has reached the international leading level and international advanced level. Completed the development of LW13-800/Y5000-63 tank circuit breaker. Is the first to have a 800000 volt circuit breaker 63000 amps of the enterprise; completed the development of 130000 SF6 generator circuit breaker. Foreign companies broke the monopoly of the China generator circuit breaker market, is the first to complete the SF6 generator circuit breaker development enterprises etc..

Reporter: China high voltage switch industry development into trouble situation, in the context of excess production capacity, the profit decline, what do you think is the reason for the trouble situation? There are affecting the development of high voltage switch industry what factors?

Zhang Meng: the lowest bid principle by user, cause the industry price competition trend. Because each manufacturer "eleven five" technical transformation has been completed, expanding production capacity, low price bidding caused industry competition, although we have taken some measures, but the overall trend is still falling, complete unsatisfactory profit index, product prices are still running at a record low, the profit level products are still very little, the profit decline significantly; payment difficulties, resulting in accounts receivable increased substantially, make the enterprise operation more difficult. Due to the reasons in the aspect of the project, funds, on-site construction part of the project, so that a considerable part of contract difficulties at the time of payment, the backlog of a large number of capital, accounts receivable is too high, but the payment is not balanced, the enterprise daily turnover is more tension; in addition, not on the independent brand protection, cause enterprise high investment, low return.

Reporter: in the current market environment, enterprise of high voltage switch facing huge survival pressure, how do you think we should solve these bottleneck?

Zhang Meng: great survival pressure to break through the high voltage switch enterprises face. First of all, to improve the internal management, good exercise to benefit the internal organs, improve product quality, enhance the ability of enterprises to participate in international competition. Play a role in the industry, to the formation of quality first benign way of thinking and the market mechanism in the high voltage switch industry and market, promote the high voltage switch product prices regression rational, lay the foundation for the high voltage switch equipment manufacturing enterprises healthy development. Play to the technological advantage to open up new areas of product, to develop new markets. The State shall establish the quality system and corresponding system, advanced protection, elimination

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