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Switching power supply in China industry will go up
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Because our country electronic power industry is the important part of the electronic information industry, and also has a certain international competitiveness of industry segments. Since 2010, with a series of national macro policy implementation and the global economy tends to be stable, China's electronic information products showing a rapid development momentum of China's recovery, switching power supply industry on homeopathy, the size of the output value reached 117200000000 yuan, the growth rate of more than 10%.

Electronic industry analyst pointed out: switching power supply with its miniaturization, light weight, wide input voltage range, less heat consumption of a number of advantages, the demand trend of electronic products a short thin plus, the development speed of switching power supply quickly, quickly replaced the linear power supply is pervasive in all the field of electronic products.

Switching power supply products are of two kinds, one kind is the standardization of products, the other is non standardized products. In general, the standardized product orders bigger batch, gross profit is relatively low, relatively intense competition. While the non standardized product order batch is relatively small, but the gross profit is relatively high, competition is relatively small. And the standardization of products, some enterprises do not have the spot disease, make to order refers to the receipt of customer orders, will be improved in the cause of products, provide the final production of customized products to customers. Unlike the mass customization, customization of switching power supply is more small batch customization, in order to control the cost of relatively good, which quickly to provide customers with customized products with low cost, high quality, enterprises need to be agile product development capacity and raw material procurement capability.

According to 2012-2016 years Chinese switching power supply industry in-depth assessment and investment forecast report "released" display: because, switching power supply industry to customize based, enterprise sales closely integrated with the orders, sales behavior occurred in the manufacturing of products before. At the same time, switching power supply enterprises to promote the development of standard products, markets and customers, and actively expand the electronic industry customers, show the company R & D design ability, the scale of production and quality management ability has become an important means of marketing. Current, switching power supply industry to expand sales channels of the main ways to participate in trade fairs, recommend each other in professional print media and industry website promotion and customer, and access to quality customer resource is the most direct embodiment of strength of enterprises.

Add:No.23Dongtai Road,the second indusrial zone,Haicheng,Longwan,Wenzhou
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