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You beautiful family series mouth grand listed
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New PHIDIAS switch. Beautiful family L6.0 champagne color series, S6.0 flow color silver, gold, S118 flow M6.0 Jue Cai copper, L118 champagne five series grand listing of new products listed are in order to meet the trend of living more and more color, make indoor more warm and more harmonic color. According to the selected the most widely accepted by the most refined noble champagne, silver, gold feeling strong panel drawing four color related market research new color selection of popular color acceptable collocation fashion trends, can be arbitrary combinations, meet the personalized needs of any decoration, the full expression of your life style and mood, this series shows silver charm, bloom gold handle, embodies the distinguished style. You beautiful family series products to market also provides a wall switch ideal for the majority of consumers. Apart from the color, the inherent excellent quality also very competitive.

1) metal texture: fly Dias spray process using metallic silver paint, gold wire drawing button processing panel originality, its texture and gold color complement each other, can also show the noble metal texture in addition to the performance of noble color;

2) not Diaoqi: spraying process using ultraviolet curing technology, through the "sweat" touch smear test 100000 times not Diaoqi, in one fell swoop to eliminate the color switch off paint embarrassment;

3) the surface light do not scratch the easy to clean: Champagne spraying process using palladium is widely used in the spraying car surface cover of the UV optical technique, coupled with the texture drawing button open about and a decorative ring, the surface hardness is 4 times the human fingernails, on the button surface not smooth texture will leave the finger printing, surface degree fully comparable ceramic.

In addition to a strong brand image, PHIDIAS strong R & D capability is one of the important reasons of PHIDIAS switch in the market has been triumphantly rapid development, the personage inside course of study thinks, high cost performance and exquisite workmanship are the advantages of PHIDIAS switch winning Guan Jian; no one will refuse to high quality and affordable products.

Add:No.23Dongtai Road,the second indusrial zone,Haicheng,Longwan,Wenzhou
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